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Nootropia: a Self-Organising Agent for Adaptive Document Filtering

This paper presents Nootropia, a self-organising information agent, capable of evaluating documents according to a user's multiple and changing interests. In Nootropia, a hierarchical term network that takes into account term dependencies is used to represent a user's multiple topics of interest. Non-linear document evaluation is established on that network based on a directed spreading activation model. We then introduce a process for adjusting the network in response to changes in more

ID: kmi-04-02

Date: 2004

Author(s): Nikolaos Nanas, Victoria Uren, Anne de Roeck, John Domingue

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A Comparative Study of Term Weighting Methods for Information Filtering

The users of an information filtering system can only be expected to provide a small amount of information to initialize their user profile. Therefore, term weighting methods for information filtering have somewhat different requirements to those for information retrieval and text categorization. We present a comparative evaluation of term weighting methods, including one novel method, relative document frequency, designed specifically for information filtering. The best weighting more

ID: kmi-03-04

Date: 2003

Author(s): Nikolaos Nanas, Victoria Uren, Anne De Roeck

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Research Proposal: An Adaptive, Evolutionary User Profile for Knowledge Management.

In order to provide the knowledge worker with potentially useful information, we propose an architecture for the development of an adaptive, evolutionary user profile. The profile has the ability to adapt to modest, frequent changes to the individual's information needs and in addition to evolve, in order to adjust to more radical but less frequent changes. In order to descrive the architecture, we discuss the profile's initialization, its evolutionary mechanism, the way it evaluates more

ID: kmi-01-17

Date: 2001

Author(s): Nikolaos Nanas

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Literature Review: Information Filtering for Knowledge Management

It is already realized that we have entered the knowledge era: A time when the economic value of knowledge has become greater than the value of physical products. In this context, Knowledge Management (KM), i.e. the combination of management principles and technology that seeks to improve the performance of individuals and organizations by maintaining and leveraging the value of knowledge assets, has emerged into a managerial megatrend. We present the foundational concepts of more

ID: kmi-01-16

Date: 2001

Author(s): Nikolaos Nanas

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