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An investigation into grassroots initiated networked communities as a means of addressing the digital divide

Despite two decades of government and commercial intervention, a digital divide persists in the UK. Access to internet connectivity and the associated tools and services that permit full participation in the information society greatly varies. Researchers argue that a more complex set of insufficiencies must be overcome and continually re-addressed to enable individuals and communities to make meaningful usage of the internet to enhance their activities. This thesis examines the more

ID: kmi-11-04

Date: 2011

Author(s): Mark Gaved

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Making Representations Matter: Understanding Practitioner Experience in Participatory Sensemaking

Appropriating new technologies in order to foster collaboration and participatory engagement is a focus for many fields, but there is relatively little research on the experience of practitioners who do so. The role of technology-use mediators is to help make such technologies amenable and of value to the people who interact with them and each other. When the nature of the technology is to provide textual and visual representations of ideas and discussions, issues of form and shaping arise, more

ID: kmi-11-03

Date: 2011

Author(s): Albert Selvin

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Unsupervised data linking using a genetic algorithm

As commonly accepted identifiers for data instances in semantic datasets (such as ISBN codes or DOI identifiers) are often not available, discovering links between overlapping datasets on the Web is generally realised through the use of fuzzy similarity measures. Configuring such measures, i.e. deciding which similarity function to apply to which data properties with which parameters, is often a non-trivial task that depends on the domain, ontological schemas, and formatting conventions more

ID: kmi-11-02

Date: 2011

Author(s): Andriy Nikolov,Mathieu d'Aquin,Enrico Motta

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Social Learning Analytics

We propose that the design and implementation of effective Social Learning Analytics presents significant challenges and opportunities for both research and enterprise, in three important respects. The first is the challenge of implementing analytics that have pedagogical and ethical integrity, in a context where power and control over data is now of primary importance. The second challenge is that the educational landscape is extraordinarily turbulent at present, in no small part due more

ID: kmi-11-01

Date: 2011

Author(s): Simon Buckingham Shum,Rebecca Ferguson

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