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Consumer Activity Data: Usages and Challenges

Interacting online with various organisations (eCommerce, employer, etc.) is nowadays unavoidable. There is a current trend both in academia and the industry taking as a starting point that such personal data is of value to the user, and that putting them out of his/her control might have problematic implications. A proposed solution here is to provide them with greater access to and control over personal data collected out of their interactions with an organisation. It is worth noticing more

ID: kmi-12-03

Date: 2012

Author(s): Mathieu d'Aquin,Keerthi Thomas

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Sentiment Analysis of Microblogs

In the past years, we have witnessed an increased interest in microblogs as a hot research topic in the domain of sentiment analysis and opinion mining. Through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, millions of status updates and tweet messages, which reflect people’s opinions and attitudes, are created and sent every day. This has recently brought great potentials and created unlimited opportunities where companies can detect the level of satisfaction or intensity of complaints about more

ID: kmi-12-02

Date: 2012

Author(s): Hassan Saif

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The State of Learning Analytics in 2012: A Review and Future Challenges

Learning analytics is a significant area of technology‐enhanced learning that has emerged during the last decade. This review of the field begins with an examination of the technological, educational and political factors that have driven the development of analytics in educational settings. It goes on to chart the emergence of learning analytics, including their origins in the 20th century, the development of data-driven analytics, the rise of learning-focused perspectives and more

ID: kmi-12-01

Date: 2012

Author(s): Rebecca Ferguson

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