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Learning Analytics for Epistemic Commitments in a Collaborative Information Seeking Environment

This report argues that information seeking – the searching, frequently conducted on search engines such as Google, in order to retrieve information for some needs – should be of interest to education. It further suggests that such interest should focus on information commitments, which are implicated in the ways that people find, and process, information. Building on literature researching collaboration in both education and information seeking research, I claim that more

ID: kmi-13-04

Date: 2013

Author(s): Simon Knight

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Epistemic Networks for Epistemic Commitments

The ways in which people seek and process information are fundamentally epistemic in nature. Existing epistemic cognition research has tended towards characterizing this fundamental relationship as cognitive or belief-based in nature. This paper builds on recent calls for a shift towards activity-oriented perspectives on epistemic cognition and proposes a new theory of ‘epistemic commitments’. An additional contribution of this paper comes from an analytic approach to this recast construct more

ID: kmi-13-03

Date: 2013

Author(s): Simon Knight, Golnaz Arastoopour, David Williamson Shaffer, Simon Buckingham Shum, Karen Littleton

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On the Privacy Implications of Releasing Consumer-Activity Data

There is growing awareness among web users that online organisations are collecting vast amounts of information about them and their activities. With this awareness is an implicit expectation that such data, generally called consumer data, should also be made accessible to the users themselves, and for their own benefit. Generally, it is considered not only fair that such data is not kept locked and out of user's reach, but also that it would lead to greater transparency and accountability more

ID: kmi-13-02

Date: 2013

Author(s): Keerthi Thomas,Mathieu d'Aquin

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Ontology Users' Survey - Summary of Results

This report describes initial findings from the Ontology Users’ Survey conducted in early 2013. The next six sections follow the structure of the survey, providing information about the respondents; their ontologies; their ontology tools; the ontology languages and language features they use; the use of ontology patterns; and their final general comments. These responses were obtained by using a number of contacts and relevant mailing lists. The latter included: - more

ID: kmi-13-01

Date: 2013

Author(s): Paul Warren

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