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Sofia Angeletou


 Sofia Angeletou
Bridging the Gap Between Folksonomies and the Semantic Web
This event took place on Monday 21 May 2007 at 14:00

While folksonomies allow tagging of similar resources with a variety of tags, their content retrieval mechanisms are severely hampered by being agnostic to the relations that exist between these tags. To overcome this limitation, several methods have been proposed to find groups of implicitly inter-related tags. We believe that content retrieval can be further improved by making the relations between tags explicit. In this paper we propose the semantic enrichment of folksonomy tags with explicit relations by harvesting the Semantic Web, i.e., dynamically selecting and combining relevant bits of knowledge from online ontologies. Our experimental results show that, while semantic enrichment needs to be aware of the particular characteristics of folksonomies and the Semantic Web, it is beneficial for both.

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