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Global Sensemaking network launches

Simon Buckingham Shum, Friday 20 June 2008 | Annotate
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I'm delighted to say that the Global Sensemaking network has just gone public, after several months of community building under the radar. Global Sensemaking (GSm) is a group of people dedicated to helping humanity address complex, interrelated global problems-such as climate change, energy policy, poverty, and food security-by developing and applying new web-based technology to assist collaborative decision making and cooperative problem solving. We are from all walks of life: professors, scientists, software engineers, politicians, parents, grandparents, public health professionals, business people, students, film-makers, .... If our charter (below) appeals to you, please join us. This network is an exciting convergence of work at KMi in the Hypermedia Discourse group, with leading practitioner/researchers including MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence, DebateGraph, Cognexus Institute, and many other highly motivated people committed to bringing next generation deliberation tools and group coordination to the challenges of climate change. We invite you to join this effort to build critical mass, refine our mission, consolidate community structure, and integrate our tools. We welcome human-centred technologists, climate change subject matter experts, and policy/decision-makers. Global Sensemaking was catalysed by a proposal I made to develop "HC4D: Human-Centred Computing for Climate Change Deliberation" (see link)

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