Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA)

The Knowledge Media Institute was conceived over 25 years ago to help the OU succeed in its promotion of educational opportunities and social justice in the age of emerging new technologies. We have sought to be true to The Open University's goals centered around inclusivity and openness and we are proud of our track record in attracting, throughout our history, lab members from a wide variety of backgrounds - at any one time, KMi typically contains around 20 distinct nationalities within our 60-80 personnel. We strongly believe that our diversity is one of our core strengths that makes KMi both a very successful institute and a highly motivating place to be.

Our Culture

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KMi is a place where equality, diversity and inclusivity are core values, and where research is stimulated by empowering everyone to share their experiences and ideas, and by supporting, encouraging and celebrating the voices of all.

KMi: A Globally Diverse Technology R&I Centre
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Summer Scholarships for Black Students

A KMi Scholarship provides financial support for students to use hot technologies to solve societal challenges and positively impact the world around us.

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Athena Swan Silver Award

KMi is a committed holder of an Athena Swan Silver award.

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Find out about the EDIA events, projects and initiatives run in KMi.

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University Mental Health Day 2021

University Mental Health Day 2021
Latest Seminar
Mr Antonello Meloni
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Cagliari, IT

Large Language Models for Scientific Question Answering: an Extensive Analysis of the SciQA Benchmark

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