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Final LHDL project results ranked as great success

John Domingue, Monday 09 March 2009 | Annotate
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Last week saw the final review of the EC-funded STREP project LHDL which can only be described as an overwhelming success. Running for three years since February 2006, the major mission of LHDL was to further develop interactive digital library services to access collections of complex biomedical data on the musculoskeletal apparatus and to create the technical infrastructure to facilitate the vision of the Virtual Physiological Human (VHP). The VPH is a methodological and technological framework that once established will enable the investigation of the human body as a single complex system. John Domingue's Semantic Web Services group, in particular Dave Lambert and Stefania Galizia, played a major role in LHDL by applying state of the art Semantic Web Service-technologies to enable a highly dynamic and flexible architecture. After the final review - where the OU was represented by Stefan Dietze and Neil Benn - the reviewers comments were overwhelmingly positive leading to the best possible score a EC project can receive and further honourable mentions in communication and media channels of the EC.

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