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KMi - Connecting Scotland at the SCDI Annual Forum

Alan Fletcher, Monday 23 March 2009 | Annotate
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This year's SCDI forum was held at St Andrews and was concerned with the theme of 'connecting Scotland' KMi were asked to develop a workstream for the annual gathering of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry on the theme of e-learning and e-working. Alan Fletcher presented key KMi technologies and research themes, demonstrating the power of the OU in this field. Run as a co-hosted event with Learning and Teaching Scotland, it was shown how KMi research areas of five yeas ago are now common currency in the application of e-learning and working by the adoption of such technologies as video conferencing and news aggregation. Of particular interest to the audience was the development of the iTunes-U channel and the nature and size of activity in downloading content. Alan also demonstrated the current research in future internet which will influence the e-world in the next five to ten years. The interactive workshop looked at how education prepares children, young people and adults for the world of work in the context of e-enhanced learning. The Workshop demonstrated how joined up thinking can introduce learners to ICT in a way that encourages participation and community building to ensure that all learners gain key ICT skills and appreciation of potential benefits of e-learning and e-working, whilst engaging employers in the design and adoption of key skills.

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