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DataCore User Conference 2009

Paul Alexander, Friday 15 May 2009 | Annotate
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Paul Alexander is currently attending the DataCore User Conference 2009 held in Dusseldorf at the famous LTU Arena. DataCore is the Storage Area Network (SAN) software that KMi use to store all of their data on. It allows us to mirror our data between both server rooms located at the Open University Walton Hall campus as well as well as managing our storage requirements. The idea of the conference and Paul attending is to allow us here at KMi to understand the development process of the software, see future enhancements, talk directly to support engineers and attend sessions that deal with enhancement feature requests. So much of what we do in KMi is stored on our SAN, so it makes sense to understand where the storage platform is heading and how it can be used to our benefit. Paul is very much looking forward to returning to KMi and to start to use the knowledge he has gained at the conference to improve the facilities for all of KMi as a whole.

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