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SOA4All: This is really cool stuff

John Domingue, Thursday 08 October 2009 | Annotate
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So began the feedback from the mid-term review of the SOA4All project, held last week in Brussels. From a relatively slow start the three external reviewers of the project now agreed that the project is performing very well. As one review said: �it is now fun to be a reviewer�. SOA4All is a large EU funded project with a duration of 3 years, comprising 16 partners and a budget of 12.5M pounds. The aim of the project is to transform the Web from a mainly data-centric artifact to one where billions of services are created and used in a highly dynamic fashion. SOA4All will achieve this through a combination of service, semantic, Web and Web 2.0 technologies. KMi�s involvement in SOA4All is significant including: John Domingue as the Scientific Director; Carlos Pedrinaci as a member of the Executive Board and the leader of the central workpackage (which will provide a suite of Web based tools enabling services to be annotated, composed, invoked, monitored and analysed via semantic technologies); Pierre Grenon as the leader of training activities and context management; Maria Maleshkova leading the development of service annotation tools; Dong Li leading the development of service monitoring and Dave Lambert whose work will create RDF compatible service brokers. In the first 18 months the SOA4All project has managed to create a comprehensive set of technologies supporting its overall goal of enabling a �Service Web�. In the remainder of the project the focus will now move towards exploitation where we already have interest from a number of large software companies including SAP, BT and ATOS.

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