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Future Internet in Stockholm

John Domingue, Friday 27 November 2009 | Annotate
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The beginning of this week saw over 350 Future Internet stakeholders from academia, government and industry meet with the Kista Science City in Stockholm. This meeting, part of the series of six-monthly Future Internet Assemblies, enables the leaders of over a hundred EU projects representing a budget approaching 500M Euros to collaborate on key issues associated with the creation of a new global network infrastructure. This meeting focused on a number of cross domain themes including: architectures and business models; identity management; trust; orchestration across networks, things, services and content; smart cities; discovery and search in the Future Internet; enterprises and large scale experimentation. The Future Internet continues to be a core theme of European ICT research. For example, it now accounts for 20% of the overall EU ICT workprogramme budget with an extra 300M Euros recently announced for a Public Private Partnership on the Future Internet. Industrial interest is also extremely high - the closing speaker at this event was Hakan Eriksson Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Ericsson and SAP have just announced that their International Research Forum for 2010 will be entitled �The Future Internet: Right Here, Right Now�. KMi�s involvement in the Future Internet initiative incorporates the leadership of Future Internet projects including SOA4All and Service Web 3.0, and the chairing of sessions (discovery and search) and of the software and services working group. The next Future Internet Assembly will take place in Valencia in Spring 2010.


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