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Tom Vincent, Thursday 15 June 2000 | Annotate
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The Chairman of the Millennium Commission, Rt. Hon. Chris Smith MP, launched a competition on the 14 June for an organisation to administer a UKP100 million endowment that will enable the National Millennium Awards Scheme to continue.

The launch took place at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall. Amongst the guests at the launch were two CLUTCH Club parents - Mumtaz Ladak and Marylyn Gallavan. They are in the first group of parents to receive Open University and Living Archive awards which has enabled them to research a local history project and present their findings on the Web. The launch was a great opportunity for Mumtaz and Marylyn to meet other award winners and some key people from the Millennium Commission (Chris Smith MP, Chairman; Lord Dalkeith, Commissioner; Floella Benjamin, Commissioner; Erica Roberts, Director of the Millennium Awards Scheme).

Mumtaz and Marylyn will be receiving their Millennium Fellowship certificates from Dr Heather Couper, Millennium Commissioner, at a ceremony in the Berrill Lecture Theatre on the 17 June 2000 together with 93 other parents who have successfully completed their projects.


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Tom Vincent

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