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eBooks launch into iTunes U

KMi Reporter, Friday 29 October 2010 | Annotate
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The Open University is one of the first universities worldwide to make eBooks available on iTunes U, adding 100 free, interactive titles today with a further 200 to come by the end of 2010. OU eBook content comes from the OUs OpenLearn website which contains over 6,600 hours of free, current course materials and has had 14 million visits to date. Todays 100 eBooks continue the OUs success on iTunes U in June 2010 it became the first University in the world to reach 20 million global downloads on iTunes U, and now has over 27 million downloads to date. By adding eBooks to the existing 330 OU collections on iTunes U, students can choose the formats that work best for them. The content is derived from current OU courses so students can use these materials to explore a topic before signing up to formal learning. OU eBooks will also soon be available on the OpenLearn site, which gives anyone in the world free access to OU course materials.KMi is now working hard with LTS, the Open University Learning and Teaching Solutions division, to produce interactive eBook materials as part of routine future course production. This work is part of the wider strategic mobile futures project running in the Learning, Teaching and Quality portfolio between KMi, LTS and IET.

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