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Keynote at the IEEE International Conference on eBusiness Engineering ICEBE

John Domingue, Wednesday 02 October 2013 | Annotate
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The middle of September saw Coventry host the 10th ICEBE Conference which focuses on eBusiness. Specifically, the event covers how new IT areas, for example, the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing will impact how business is conducted.
In his Keynote John Domingue talked about the work carried out in KMi on Linked Services. Specifically covering the results of the SOA4All project and the application of the work in eHealth, within the VPH-SHARE project, concerned with enabling the sharing of human body processes, NoTube, focused on the future of Internet TV and Linked USDL a joint venture with SAP on supporting the trading of services on the Web.
The other Keynote at the conference was Keith Jeffery the former Director IT and International Strategy and Director International Relations of the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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