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CARRE kick-off

Allan Third, Tuesday 19 November 2013 | Annotate
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The CARRE project (Personalized patient empowerment and shared decision support for CARdioREnal disease and comorbidities) kicked off last week. The CARRE consortium consists of 6 partners experienced in health and associated technologies, semantics, data visualisation and decision support. The meeting was hosted by the Democritus University of Thrace in Alexandroupolis in Greece. KMi was represented by John Domingue and Allan Third.

CARRE will address the management of comorbidities (multiple co-occurring medical conditions) by using Semantic Web Services and personal Internet-aware sensors to track the progression and interactions of comorbid conditions - specifically, cardiac and renal diseases, which are known for having significant clinical interactions. Sources of medical and other knowledge will be semantically linked with sensor outputs to provide clinical information personalised to the individual patient. Both patients and clinicians will be able to visualise, understand and interact with this linked knowledge via a dedicated decision support system

The ultimate goal is to provide the means for patients with comorbidities to take an active role in care processes, including self-care and shared decision-making, and also to support medical professionals in understanding and treating comorbidities via an integrative approach.

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Personalised patient empowerment for cardiorenal comorbidities

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