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New UKRI Funded Project on using Generative AI for Personal Tuition

Nancy Pontika, Wednesday 01 November 2023 | Annotate
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This month sees the announcement of a new UKRI funded project - “SAGE-RAI: Smart Assessment and Guided Education with Responsible AI” - which will work with educational GenAI tools, including the AI Digital Assistant, to explore how the use of responsible GenAI may lead to improved student achievements. 

Inspired by Bloom’s 1984 study on one-on-one teaching effectiveness and the potential for cost-effective personalised education at scale, the project’s goal is to overcome tutor limitations in handling large groups by investigating how responsible GenAI can enhance tutoring, offer tailored learning experiences and provide student feedback. The project aims to create a platform that supports assessment and student guidance while addressing issues like misinformation, copyright and bias.

The project will deliver open-source and openly licensed reusable tools to support students around formative and summative assessment, to enhance learning, and provide insights into the sustainability of GenAI. It will also develop best practices and guidance on how to apply GenAI in educational settings in a responsible ethical manner. 

The SAGE-RAI project is a partnership between The Open University and the Open Data Institute which was founded in 2012 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The project has been awarded by Responsible AI UK, which aims to connect UK research into Responsible AI to leading research centres and institutions around the world. 

We are hopeful that this project will prove to be a game-changer for adult education providing cheap and easy access to high quality learning.


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