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David Brown, University for Industry visits the OU

John Domingue, Wednesday 15 October 1997 | Annotate
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David Brown, the Chairman of the University for Industry Design and Implementation Advisory Group and Chairman of Motorola, visited the OU as part of a fact finding exercise, prior to drafting his initial 100 Days Report to HM Government. David was accompanied by Jeannette Pugh, Josh Hillman and Nick Pearce.
The DfEE has stated that it is committed to introducing a new University for Industry, to spearhead a skills revolution in the UK. Its twin objectives will be to boost the competitiveness of business and ensure that everyone can gain knowledge and skills which enhance their employability. It aims to bring learning to the workplace, the home and the community.
During his visit, Mr Brown met with university officers including the Vice Chancellor and the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Technology Development to discuss the systems, processes and support mechanisms which underpin the OU's success.
Over a two hour working lunch in the KMi, Mr Brown met with Prof Marc Eisenstadt and received presentations from Peter Scott (KMi), Ches Lincoln (Technology) and Gilly Salmon (OUBS). Ches illustrated how the OU supports students communication using conferencing systems like the FirstClass Internet Client. She showed how this is in regular use by thousands of students, their tutors and counsellors. Gilly illustrated the work of the OU Business School including the recent developments in the Business Cafe. Peter demonstrated the new technologies which KMi is harnessing and shaping to support the students and staff of the OU, including the KMi Stadium project.
Mr Brown and his party also had an opportunity to discuss other research projects, which exemplify KMi's successful track record of collaboration with industry, with the institute's research staff.
More information about the University for Industry may be found at:


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