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Bill Morris, TGWU, visits KMi

Chris Valentine, Wednesday 22 October 1997 | Annotate
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Tuesday 21st October, Bill Morris, General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, visited KMi.

The purpose of the visit was Bill Morris' first meeting as a Trustee of the OU Foundation. Bill has a true passion for education, and is a committed supporter of the OU. The Transport and General Workers Union have given a 25,000 UKP donation towards the Harold Wilson Bursaries, to help increase access. We are honoured that Bill has chosen the OU as a cause to which he is willing to devote his personal time and creative energies.

Bill was given a short briefing on how the OU works, had a short meeting with Colin Gray and Katrina Cryer, to talk about the OUBS and its work in the UK and abroad, before visiting the KMi, where he was hosted by Tom Vincent and Peter Whalley.

After the Trustees meeting, Bill went on to the TUC annual retreat.

The TGWU was founded in 1922 under the leadership of former dockworker Ernest Bevin, the union's first general secretary who later became Foreign Secretary in Britain's post-war Labour government.

You can visit the TGWU's Web site at

The photo shows, left to right, John Drysdale (an OU Foundation Trustee), Kitty Chisolm of IET, Prof. Tom Vincent of KMI's Multimedia Enabling Technology group and Bill Morris.


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