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Drug Safety Education Kiosk Release

Jon Linney, Thursday 16 January 2003 | Annotate
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The Hazard Alley Safety Centre based in Milton Keynes has worked with KMi on a number of interesting new media projects. Late in 2002 the Centre joined with the Local Education Authority Drugs Advisory team to commission the KMi Centre for New Media to work with them on a drug safety education project. Together, we have designed a kiosk system that will be used by groups visiting the centre to work through some of the issues around drug safety. The system uses a combination of Macromedia Flash and Apple Quicktime which is projected onto a large touch screen in a darkened Safety Centre auditorium. At the heart of the kiosk is a video scene which was scripted, set and acted, in their own words, by a drama group from Stantonbury Campus School in Milton Keynes. The design of the kiosk scene was set as an exercise in the drama coursework of the students. One of the scenes that they produced is now embedded in the multimedia kiosk. The Drug Safety Education Kiosk was released in January 2003 and has already been used by hundreds of children. Feedback from all user groups has been very positive.

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