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The Berrill Building Opened at the Open University

Jez Grzeda, Thursday 27 November 1997 | Annotate
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SIR KENNETH BERRILL formally opened the Open University s newest building today. The Knowledge Media Institute occupies the top floor of the Berrill Building, and visitors - apart from getting an overview of KMi's myriad research projects - are afforded a memorable view over the eastern flank of the new city of Milton Keynes, where the Open University was founded nearly 30 years ago.

Sir Kenneth Berrill (GBE, KCB), has recently retired as a Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the University s Council, in which capacity he had served the OU with great dedication for more than a decade (1983-96), having been a member of Council since 1978.

Born in 1920, Sir Ken is an economist, and was educated at LSE and Trinity College, Cambridge. He is a former Fellow and Bursar of King s College, Cambridge; Professor at MIT, 1962; Special Adviser to the Treasury, 1967-69 and latterly Head of the Government Economic Service and Chief Economic Adviser to HM Treasury. He was head of CPRS, Cabinet Office 1974-80; Chairman of the Securities Investment Board, 1985-88; Chairman of Vickers Da Costa, 1981-85.

His wife Jane is an OU student, and both are keen on the sport of sailing!

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