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John Domingue, Friday 31 July 1998 | Annotate
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John Domingue and Tamara Sumner presented papers at APCHI'98 (Asia Pacific Computer Human Interaction) held in Japan on 15-17th July. John presented a paper co-authored with Peter Scott about KMi's intelligent news server, Planet - the system in which this news item is stored. Tamara presented a paper co-authored with KMi's Simon Buckingham Shum on aspects of KMi's D3E Project.
While the economic turmoil in Asia meant cancellations from delegates from some countries, the conference still had over 190 attendees from 15 countries. Held over three days in the Shonan Village Center south of Tokyo (Hayama-machi, Kanagawa), the conference gave the opportunity to hear of research taking place in the Asian Pacific Rim area, and to present to this community some of KMi's work.
Invited talks were given by Hiroshi Ishii (MIT's Tangible Computing Group), Gerhard Fischer (University of Colorado,) and Alan Kay (Walt Disney Imagineering.) A recurring theme of the three talks challenged the community to think about interfaces and design beyond the GUI, and encouraging thoughts about our future and society in which computers will play a part.
The APCHI'98 proceedings are available from the IEEE Computer Society (E-mail, order number PR08347; ISBN 0-8186-8347-3.) As yet, the IEEE hasn't put proceedings on-line. APCHI'98 was sponsered by the Information Processing Society of Japan.
The next APCHI will take place in the year 2000 in Singapore (1999 will be skipped.)
The first APCHI, APCHI' 96, was held in Singapore; the second APCHI was incorporated within Interact'97.


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