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KMi Director chairs 14th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2004)

Damian Dadswell, Friday 08 October 2004 | Annotate
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The EKAW series of workshops started in 1987 to provide a forum for researchers interested in the acquisition, modelling and engineering of knowledge. Seventeen years later this event is still going strong and indeed the original motivation (engineering knowledge for use in intelligent applications) is even more pressing today than it was all those years ago. EKAW 2004 was organised jointly by KMi and the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. The conference took place on 5th - 7th October at Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire and began with a welcome from the Chairs, Prof. Enrico Motta (KMi), and Prof. Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton). Keynote speakers were Tom Rodden, Steffen Staab and Yorick Wilks and Frank van Harmelen. KMi's papers included 'Semantic Webs for Learning: A Vision and its Realization', by Enrico Motta and Arthur Stutt and 'Ontoweaver-S: Supporting the Design of Knowledge Portals' from Yangui Lei, John Domingue and Enrico Motta. Denilson Sell, Liliana Cabral, Alexandre Goncalves, Enrico Motta and Roberto Pacheco presented a poster 'Framework to Improve Semantic Web Services Discovery and Integration in an E-Gov Knowledge Network'. KMi was also represented in the Demonstration Session. Following the close of the Conference three Workshops were held on Friday 8th October. The confernce web site can be found at:

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