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Damian Dadswell, Friday 19 November 2004 | Annotate
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As part of the build-up to the 10th anniversary of the Knowledge Media Institute, today the KMi web design team have launched our new website. In our (now nearly) 10 years, the site has been through many design phases, each reflecting the cutting edge in knowledge and media. Our last site concept was strong on design and fully animated with Macromedia Flash loading in XML to drive our structures and menus. A couple of years back, that was the challenging thing to do, so we did it. Closing in on 2005... times are changing, so we are moving too. The new site is different. This time we are offering a much cleaner vision with meaning allied to function as a key element. The new pages are all 100% dynamic - taking live information from live databases. We have pulled back from strong design to put more of the focus on what we have to say. We still use a little Flash of course, loading in xml as our news animation on the front page - but it isn't in charge any more... it does what it is told. Everything else is dynamic and live, but will load quickly. Each page is a set of search filters finding out what you want to know about us, and presenting it as quickly and efficiently as possible. In News now, you can even search semantically using the new release of Aqualog. As of today, there are 53 distinct KMi projects (of which 17 are currently hot which showcase 25 different KMi technologies. Our databases say that, just now, 56 people actually come in to work here. Tomorrow, it will change - but our site will reflect this immediately and automatically.

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