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Adobe's Senior Scientist visits KMi

Chris Valentine, Thursday 23 June 2005 | Annotate
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Bill McDaniel, a Senior Scientist at Adobe Systems, authors of Photoshop, Acrobat and the like, visited KMi to present a talk on the many of the challenges of ubiquitous computing (including location and context awareness) and those of the semantic web. The talk discussed how emerging semantic technologies such as OWL, Pellet, and increased volumes of metadata can help provide solutions to the LOCA (location and context awareness) problem in pervasive computing. Methods of synthesizing a solution between these two domains were discussed. Some possible use cases involving a Semantically Powered Adaptive Computing Environment (SPACE) will be described as well. He then spent the afternoon in discussions with department director Enrico Motta and KMi's own Chief Scientist Marc Eisenstadt on KMi's various research areas.

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