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BuddySpace Web Client!

Marc Eisenstadt, Tuesday 20 September 2005 | Annotate
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KMi's popular Instant-Messaging-Meets-Maps service, BuddySpace, has been simplified with the launch of a new 'Web Client' interface. The new interface requires no downloads, no installations, and not even a modern browser or speedy internet connection. The idea is to 'run anywhere', 'by anyone', 'using any computer' with 'any installed software base' (within reason, naturally). The only requirement is a plain-vanilla web browser of any vintage, and any internet connection. Chris Denham, sponsored partially by KMi's ELeGI project and partially by the OU Learning and Teaching Services to investigate the feasibility of a web client interface, implemented the interface building on a library of back-end tools in the main BuddySpace engine implemented by KMi's Jiri Komzak. The new web client is launched simply by going to the first web address listed below. Online help and a downloadable 'system tray alert widget', for those wishing to have automatic alerts independently of a browser, are also provided. The environment is minimalist, relying on automatic page refreshes to re-display ongoing chats, and eliminating all of the advanced features of modern Jabber clients, such as KMi's own native Java implementation of BuddySpace. The one exception is that a map parser is included with no impact for users: if a BuddySpace map is available for a specific user group, then the web client lets you know and you can pop it up in a separate window!

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