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KMi at Utah Open Content Conference

Simon Buckingham Shum, Wednesday 28 September 2005 | Annotate
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KMi is in Utah this week, contributing to the primary international gathering of educators and researchers, debating the future of the Open Content movement. Open Content is the educational analogy to the Open Source software movement, with the mission to make top quality learning material freely available to any student or educator, in a form that promotes learner engagement, and instructional reuse and adaptation. KMi's Simon Buckingham Shum, accompanied by Richard McCracken (OU Intellectual Property) are participating in discussions around how educational institutions can co-evolve practices and technologies to advance the movement. Simon will be addressing the conference on Thursday, outlining challenges to move "From Open Content Repositories to Open Sensemaking Communities", describing the potential of KMi's social software (BuddySpace; Hexagon; Flashmeeting) and hypermedia argument mapping tools (Compendium; ScholOnto) to augment open learning resources.

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