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Chris Valentine, Wednesday 10 March 1999 | Annotate
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The KMi Review process enters its next phase today, as the formally-constituted Review Panel spends a full day visiting KMi. The KMi Review, as specified by the OU Academic Board in 1995, was established to undertake the task of assessing how well KMi performed with respect to its original goals.

The terms of reference of the Review Panel stipulate that it should:

  • Review the extent to which the Institute has met its original aims.
  • Evaluate the contribution of the KMi to the OU and the international research community.
  • Evaluate the 'state of KMi', with respect to (a) what it is doing, (b) where it is going, and (c) how it functions.
  • Make recommendations for the medium and long term future of the Institute.

One key purpose of the site visit is to undertake discussions with individual researchers to get a better feel for the nature of their work. The panel will also engage in detailed discussions concerning managerial, financial, and logistical aspects of KMi with Profs. Eisenstadt and Vincent, and Business Manager Jerzy Grzeda.


The Review Panel has eight members, as follows:
  • PVC (Learning Technologies & Teaching) (Chair) - Prof. Diana Laurillard
  • Two nominees of the PVC(LTT) (i) one external with a research record in Knowledge Media and its application to Learning and Teaching (Dr. Jonathan Darby - Oxford; head of Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning programme) (ii) one internal. Dean or Head of unit which could apply KMi research in course production or presentation. (David Asch, former Dean of Business School)
  • Two nominees of the Director of KMi i) one external with a research record in Knowledge Media and its application to Learning and Teaching (Prof. Ron Baecker, U. of Toronto, already visited on 23rd February) (ii) one internal. Professor with research interests allied to knowledge media and its application to Learning and Teaching (Prof. Bob Spicer, Earth Sciences)
  • PVC (Strategy & Planning) - Prof. Geoff Peters
  • PVC (Research & Staff) - Prof. Alan Bassindale
  • Secretary for Technology Development (Secretary) - Peter Wilson

Following today's visit, and a formal write-up, the Review Panel will 'recommendations for the medium and long term future of the Institute' to a forthcoming meeting of the OU Academic Board.


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