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New KMi Book on Semantic Web Services

John Domingue, Tuesday 17 October 2006 | Annotate
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Today sees the publication of a new KMi book "Enabling Semantic Web Services: The Web Service Modelling Ontology". The Web Service Modelling Ontology (WSMO) is the leading European semantic characterisation of Web Services with substantial impact. In particular, WSMO provides the conceptual foundation for a dozen European projects with a combined budget of over £50 million. WSMO additionally contributes to the standards that define the Web through W3C submissions on WSMO and the associated language WSML. KMi's reference system for WSMO, IRS-III, currently provides the software platform for four European projects (DIP, SUPER, LUISA and LHDL) and is being standardised through the OASIS Semantic Execution Environments Technical Committee. A significant portion of the WSMO related work was carried out within the large EU project on Semantic Web Services, DIP. DIP has an overall budget of over £11 million and involves 17 partners in 10 countries.


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