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Havana, Stallman, Software Libre, !

Marc Eisenstadt, Monday 12 February 2007 | Annotate
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Hey, it's not Comdex... but the joint is seriously jumpin'... I'm in Havana at Informataca 2007, the biggest hi-tech gig to hit this town in, well, ever. It's a meta-conference - 15 major conferences all taking place at once (list below), huge exhibitss, tons of delegates from around the world, and some interesting- looking gigs. Besides, I've learned three things already: 1. I've got an internet connection in my hotel room (new this year), and visiting I get redirected to: Google Cuba! 2. Richard M Stallman is here, speaking at th 3rd International Workshop on Open Source Software 3. The Venezualans and Chinese are here in force: Venezuala has a super-cool booth announcing: "Software Libre, para una Nacion Libre", with great images of the Linux Penguin and some not-so-subtle Venezualan oil tankers (see main image with this story... droplet ain't water) Registration was a tedious 3-queue affair (once to sign in, once to pay, once to collect bag, but I'm jazzed up for the main event(s). I hope to post daily from my personal blog page, linked below. I'm representing several OU 'strands' here: not only KMi in Health Informatics (we have nearly a dozen projects in that niche!), but also OpenLearn, LabSpace, and our EU-funded ELeGI project. So I'll be speaking in more than one strand, and attending lots of others... Here's the conference list, and a link below to the main site and my blog. VI International Congress on Health Informatics 12th Congress of Informatics in Education 4th International Symposium on Tele-Education and Lifelong Learning - TelEduc 2007 3rd International Workshop on Open Source Software 8th Iberoamerican Seminar on ICT Security 3rd International Seminar on Telecommunications 2nd International Congress of Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics 3rd International Workshop on Quality of Information and Communication Technologies 2nd Business Meeting about Information Technologies and Communications 5th International Congress GEOMATICA 2007 3rd International Congress of Technologies, Multimedia Content and Virtual Reality 3rd International Workshop on E-Commerce 1st Symposium on Informatics and the Community 8th IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) Symposium on Cost Oriented Automation Affordable Automation Systems 3rd International Symposium on E- government

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