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KMi teams up with City Discovery Centre for new e-learning project

Paul Mulholland, Thursday 17 May 2007 | Annotate
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A new project, funded by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme, aims to develop a new generation geography e-learning product for the schools market. This two year project is being carried out in partnership with the City Discovery Centre, an internationally leading organisation in the delivery of stimulating and accessible learning in urban geography. The City Discovery Centre authors educational content and also hosts visits for professional urban planners as well as university and school students. Their educational assets include specially tailored learning objects plus archives, maps and images related to urban design. The new product to result from the KTP project will use educational narrative structures to scaffold students in the exploration and use of the City Discovery Centre’s learning content. The product will also help teachers to select and organise resources for classroom use based on curriculum requirements. KMI is currently recruiting an e-learning designer to work on the project. The successful candidate will work closely with staff from KMi and the City Discovery Centre on a range of activities related to the development of this product including: elicitation of requirements, analysis of MKCDC’s assets, evaluation of prototypes, product demonstration and training.

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