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EPSRC funds continuation of work on 3D Audio

Martyn Cooper, Wednesday 06 October 1999 | Annotate
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Yesterday we received the confirmation from the EPSRC that they will fund the continuation of the ongoing work on 3D Audio Virtual Environments. To date this work has been funded by IET's Research Committee and the OU's Capital Research Equipment Fund.

This is a collaborative effort between the Open University and the Sensory Disabilities Research Unit at the University of Hertfordshire. [Congratulations to Helen Petrie, Director of the unit who yesterday also received the news that she had been awarded a Chair in Psychology!]

The project will investigate key technical and human-factors issues in the realisation and application of 3D Audio Virtual Environments (AVEs). The approach is to develop and evaluate successively more complex AVEs targeted at applications for visually impaired students.

The overall objectives for this research are:

* To provide the scientific and technical foundation for the development of a system for educational contexts for the computer generation of 3D audio virtual environments

* To demonstrate and evaluate the application of 3D AVEs in giving access for people with visual impairments to current / emerging approaches in educational multi-media & computer based learning

Funding has been received for an initial 14 month period to research the fundamental technical and human-factors issues that impinge here. It is hoped that subsequent work will go on to develop a practical system.

This stage of funding represents £ 56,034 to the Open University and £ 40,462 to our collaborators at the University of Hertfordshire.

For further information contact Martyn Cooper

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