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Champion: Mathieu d'Aquin
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Participant(s):Carlo Allocca, Trevor Collins

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Discovering Open University Content from Other Online Resources

There is a growing base of open educational content being made available online. At The Open University, this currently includes 650 units of course material on OpenLearn and 3,800 audio and video podcasts. With such content available, discoverability of educational resources becomes a major challenge.

DiscOU is a resources discovery engine relying on a semantic index of Open University Open Content. It semantically analyse the content of an online resource, and match it by similarity to other existing Open University content to retrieve the most relevant pieces. It currently works with BBC programme pages.

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15 Jun 2016

Mathieu d'Aquin

19 Jan 2016

Rachel Yarrien


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d'Aquin, M., , c. and Collins, T. (2012) DiscOU: A Flexible Discovery Engine for Open Educational Resources Using Semantic Indexing and Relationship Summaries, Demo at International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2012

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