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Stefan Rueger named PC chair for IRFC 2010

Stefan Rueger, Thursday 07 January 2010 | Annotate
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The Information Retrieval Facility (IRF) in Vienna will be hosting its first international conference in May 2010 for which a member of KMi, Professor Stefan Rueger, has been appointed the Programme Chair. The IRF is an open, not-for-profit Information Retrieval science institution, which is managed by international experts in the field. The mission of IRF is to promote and facilitate cutting-edge industry-related research in Informat ion Retrieval by fostering dialogue between academia and industry, and by providing super-computing infrastructure for large-scale experimentation and housing real-world relevant document collections. The 1st IRF Conference tackles 4 complementary research areas: - Information retrieval - Semantic web technologies for IR - Natural language processing for IR - Large-scale or distributed computing for the above areas The proceedings of IRFC 2010 will be published by Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, a clear endorsement of the conference by the publisher.

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