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KMi Researchers among the Top Ten in AI

Enrico Motta, Wednesday 27 April 2011 | Annotate
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Every two years, the IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine runs the "AI's 10 to Watch" award, which aims to identify 10 of the most promising early career researchers in Artificial Intelligence. As Prof Fei-Yue Wang, Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Intelligent Systems, says in his editorial, the winners list provides a "glimpse of the future of AI" and recognizes "AI researchers who promise to be the leaders of the field". The list of award winners for 2011 was published in the Jan/Feb issues of the magazine and includes both a current and a former member of KMi. In particular Dr Mathieu d'Aquin, currently a Research Associate in KMi, and Dr Tom Heath, formerly a Doctoral Student in KMi and now at Talis Ltd, are among this year's award recipients. The award to Mathieu and Tom follows from the one won by Dr Marta Sabou back in 2006 - see, and confirms KMi as one of the strongest research centers anywhere in the world in the area of Intelligent Systems. Congratulations to both Mathieu and Tom for winning such a prestigious award.

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