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EPSRC funds ScholOnto

John Domingue, Tuesday 27 June 2000 | Annotate
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The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has just awarded a 3 year project grant to the ScholOnto Project. As part of the Distributed Information Management Programme, this project will provide a Research Fellow and Java Developer to build the public version of a system that has been under small scale prototyping and development for over a year within KMi.
The ScholOnto (Scholarly Ontologies) Project combines Simon Buckingham Shum's background in computer-supported argumentation, with Enrico Motta's OCML knowledge modelling environment, and John Domingue's Java tools for managing and seeding OCML knowledge models. The project also welcomes brings on board Academic Press, who see its potential for scientific publishers.
* The ScholOnto Project


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John Domingue

Professor of Computer Science

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Simon Buckingham Shum

Professor of Learning Informatics

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Enrico Motta

Professor of Knowledge Technologies

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Build and deploy a prototype infrastructure for making scholarly claims

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