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7M Advanced Knowledge Technologies Project Underway

John Domingue, Tuesday 19 September 2000 | Annotate
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KMi today welcomed the full project team of the EPSRC-sponsored Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) Project. AKT is one of the select EPSRC Interdisciplinary Research Centres, funded for 6 years and a total project cost of �7M. The project begins formally on 1st October 2000, with today's meeting helping to establish the full 'modus operandi'.
The AKT project aims to develop the next generation of knowledge technologies to support organizational knowledge management. AKT will look at all aspects of knowledge management from acquiring and maintaining knowledge to publishing and sharing it. The project intends to address all these closely related issues in an integrated approach, making use of recent developments in artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics, multimedia and Internet technology.
Professor Nigel Shadbolt at the University of Southampton is the Project Director, with co-investigators at five collaborating institutions:

  • The University of Aberdeen
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • The Open University
  • The University of Sheffield
  • The University of Southampton
The Open University's role in the project is centred upon the knowledge modelling and management work of Drs. Enrico Motta, John Domingue and Simon Buckingham Shum at KMi, who have secured more than �1M of funding for KMi's participation in AKT.
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Marc Eisenstadt

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