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Future Learning Now!

Fridolin Wild, Monday 22 October 2012 | Annotate
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Who knows what technology and knowledge will look like at the university of the future? Well, KMi does!

Informed by the hundreds of experts consulted within the two EC-funded projects STELLAR and TELMAP, Fridolin Wild of KMi paints a picture of the future in his keynote at the 'Future Learning Now!' day of the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Vienna, Austria.

In the near future, we can expect learning apps and interactive ebooks to be further on the rise. Where the Open University is already today, others will follow.

In the more distant future, Wild predicts three movements: we will have more awareness of learning through improved learning analytics. We will help foster passion in learning through social sharing, recommender systems, and new, exciting forms of HCI (such as augmented reality and haptic interfaces). Last but not least, we will see massive collaboration across institutions: personal learning environments, social learning networks, open education practices and resources, massive open online courses seem to be part of an irreversible movement.

Institutions interested in their fitness for the future will be delighted to find more details in the report on Grand Challenges for TEL (see link below).

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