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FORGE in Bulgaria

Aitor Gomez-Goiri, Tuesday 28 April 2015 | Annotate
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Last week, a two-day event was held in Troyan (Bulgaria) to present new ICT solutions to Bulgarian universities. In this event, John Domingue presented the FORGE project to members of Bulgarian universities. The audience become aware of the possibility of using FIRE's experimentation facilities for teaching purposes and how FORGE can facilitate this. Particularly, John presented the ongoing Open Call which will provide training and support to any associate partner interested in reusing or creating new courses using FORGE's tools and processes.

This presentation was complemented by a hands-on session where more technical insights about both the project and its Open Call were presented. First, Daan Pareit (iMinds, Ghent University) presented some sample FIRE experiment facilities and their typical lifecycle. Afterwards, he showed how to use FORGE's tools to operate a sample testbed. Finally, Alexander Mikroyannidis guided the audience on how to produce an iBook which contains FORGE's resources.

The event was organized jointly by Bulgarian Research and Education Network (BREN) and Kontrax. See more information here.

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