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Double Award at VMworld Europe

Robbie Bays, Friday 16 October 2015 | Annotate
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We're pleased to announce that the MK Data Hub has received two prestigious awards in an event run by a global leader in Virtualisation and Cloud Computing.

The MK Data Hub received awards for "Best virtualisation and disaster recovery project" and the top prize of "Best at show" at the VMworld Europe User Awards 2015. The event held in Barcelona, Spain this year took place at the European conference for Virtualisation and Cloud Computing hosted by VMware, which is the second largest annual conference of its kind.
Senior Systems Manager of the Data Hub Technical Operations (DTOP) team, Robbie Bays was pleased by the double-win, commenting:

"We’re excited that the project has received further recognition for the work by the DTOP team. We were all proud to win 'Best virtualisation and disaster recovery project', but 'Best at Show' was the cherry on the top!"

The award wins were announced on Computer Weekly’s website, where it was noted that:

"With the smart city initiative gaining momentum worldwide, projects such as this are important to highlight for best practice purposes for other towns and cities looking to do something similar."

The DTOP team have implemented a Disaster Recovery solution using Arcserve UDP after a successful proof of concept in a tight timeframe. The deployment is helping to maximise the availability of the MK Data Hub, safeguarding the reputation, and ultimately the success of, the MK:Smart initiative.

For further details, read about all the award wins here.

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