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Augmented Reality App for Students Studying E117

Paul Hogan, Thursday 27 July 2017 | Annotate
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Paul Hogan in KMi has finalised the Augmented Reality (AR) application that he has developed in collaboration with partners in Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELs) that will be made available to students studying E117 Introduction to Sport and Fitness starting in October 2017.

The initial application was developed to provide students with a more emersive study expeience via the use of AR.  However it has since evolved to provide both AR and non AR for the mobile platforms Android and iOS as well as a non AR version for both Windows and Mac OSX.

KMi's Allan Third and Chris Sanders have expanded upon technology used in the CARRE project that allows students to use the activity fitness tracker supplied in their module material to record and share their activity data with other students studying E117.

WELs partners, Caroline Heaney,  Jessica Pinchbeck and Ben Langdown worked along side Paul providing the educational content and direction of how they wanted the app to become what it is, a multi platform emersive study experience that should appeal to the E117 students.

 The mobile versions will be released on the Google Play and Apple App stores while the desktop versions will be released via the students module web page.



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