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KMi at ESWC 2014!

John Domingue, Wednesday 4 Jun 2014

A significant number of KMiers attended the 11th edition of the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2014,, which was celebrated one more year in Anissaras, Crete. The European Semantic Web Conference is held annually and is one of the most relevant events in the Semantic Web area.  

KMi’s presence was one of the largest in the conference, with nine delegates: Professor John Domingue, Dr. Harith Alani, Dr. Mathieu d’Aquin, Dr. Miriam Fernandez, Dr. Carlos Pedrinaci and PhD students Francesco Osborne, Hassan Saif, Ilaria Tiddi and Paul Warren.   The KMi team was strongly involved in the conference. KMi co-organised one full-day tutorial (“Social Web: where are the semantics”; with the participation of Miriam Fernandez) and one full-day workshop (“Semantic Sentiment Analysis Workshop”; with the participation of Harith Alani). A total of 6 KMi papers were presented at the conference, five in the research track and one at the semantic sentiment analysis workshop. The list of papers includes: 






  • “Adapting Sentiment Lexicons using Contextual Semantics for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter” by Hassan Saif et. al.

The KMi team was also strongly involved in the conference organisation with John Domingue as president of STI, and Mathieu d’Aquin as co-chair of the PhD Symposium.   KMi was shortlisted for multiple awards at the conference including: best research paper award, best student paper award and best 7-year paper award! Francesco Osborne and Enrico Motta won the best semantic publishing application, Hassan Saif, Miriam Fernandez and Harith Alani were awarded for the best workshop paper at the semantic sentiment analysis workshop and Miriam Fernandez and Carlos Pedrinaci were awarded for their outstanding effort as PC members!

KMiers did not only demonstrate their scientific talent at this event, they also showed their social and dancing skills at the gala dinner that started with an spectacular fire show!

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