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CORE releases a new front-end

Petr Knoth, Tuesday 09 April 2019 | Annotate
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We are very excited to announce that CORE has released a new front-end marking the end of Phase 1 of front-end improvements, which will continue with 2 more phases. The key highlights of the new UI are:

  • A more modern yet functional look and feel.
  • Support for mobile devices.
  • A new and better presentation of CORE’s mission and services.
  • Cross-browser support covering over 95% of CORE's users.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Removal of single point of failure dependencies, taking full advantage of CORE's high availability infrastructure.

But what is an end to one thing is a start to another. The objectives of Phase 2 are now: 

  • Taking CORE's search experience to a new level. 
  • New functionalities for the online CORE Reader
  • Improvement to some existing static pages

Special thanks here to the everyone involved in this release: Viktor Yakubiv, Tom Davey, Matteo Cancellieri, Balviar Notay, Samuel Pearce, Sergei Misak, Svetlana Rumyanceva, Nancy Pontika and Petr Knoth. 



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