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KMi at ICL2020

Alexander Mikroyannidis, Wednesday 07 October 2020 | Annotate
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The 23rd International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2020) took place online on September 23-25. This interdisciplinary conference is focused on the exchange of relevant trends and research results, as well as the presentation of practical experiences in Interactive Collaborative Learning and Engineering Pedagogy. 

KMi was represented by Audrey Ekuban and Alexander Mikroyannidis. Audrey presented a paper entitled “Using GitLab Interactions To Predict Student Success When Working As Part Of A Team”. The paper explores machine learning algorithms that can be used to predict student results in an assignment of a Software Engineering course, based on weekly cumulative average source code submissions to GitLab. GitLab is a source code version control system, commonly used in Software Engineering courses in Higher Education.

Alexander delivered a hands-on workshop entitled “Decentralising Education Using Blockchain Technology”. The workshop explored the different aspects of education that are affected by decentralisation. Participants had the opportunity to try out and evaluate the tools offered by the QualiChain project for the Blockchain-based award and verification of education and employment qualifications. The outcomes of this workshop will provide useful feedback for the QualiChain pilot led by Alexander.

Alexander also presented a paper entitled “The OpenLang Network Platform: Building a European Community of Language Learners and Teachers”. Τhe paper presents the OpenLang Network platform, an open and collaborative online environment for networking between language learners and teachers across Europe. Alexander is leading the development of this platform, in the context of the Erasmus+ project OpenLang Network.


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Alexander Mikroyannidis

Senior Research Fellow

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Audrey Ekuban

Research Assistant

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Aisling Third

Research Fellow

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John Domingue

Professor of Computer Science

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