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Harith Alani Presented a Keynote at BeyondFacts 2022 on Misinformation

Kiran Parmar, Thursday 05 May 2022 | Annotate
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BeyondFacts 2022 is a leading international workshop on the topic of misinformation, which was collocated with The Web Conference in Lyon. The workshop provides a venue for sharing and discussing the latest scientific research on a range of related topics, such as social media mining, computational fact-checking, and misinformation spread analysis.

Prof Harith Alani, our soon-to-be Director, is the interdisciplinary Social Data Science research group leader, focusing on applying AI and computational social science methods to study various socio-technical challenges online. Recently, Prof Alani concentrated on studying online misinformation, through projects such as Co-Inform for co-creating misinformation-countering strategies, to HERoS, which studies COVID19 related misinformation, to CIMPLE, which investigates knowledge-based explanations of misinformation detection techniques.

Harith presented a keynote at the BeyondFacts workshop on the 26th of April. Prof Alani explored how misinformation has always been part of humankind’s information ecosystem and emphasised the need for boosting the spread of corrective information on social media platforms. During the presentation, Harith discussed the development of tools and methods for automatically assessing the credibility of individuals and drawing their attention to relevant corrective information online.


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