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Congratulations to KMi's Newest Doctor, Zeeshan Jan!

Kiran Parmar, Wednesday 15 June 2022 | Annotate
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KMi would like to congratulate our newest Doctor, Zeeshan Jan. Formerly a PhD Research Student, Zeeshan has been a part of KMi for over four years. His thesis, entitled 'Peer-review on a Decentralised Web', was supervised by John Domingue, Aisling Third and Tracie Farrell. The paper was reviewed by examiners Tobias Kuhn and Bart Rienties, who stressed how much they enjoyed reading the thesis for the interesting content and writing style.

KMi Director John Domingue commented, “I'm really proud of how you defended, with clear and completely frank answers”.

Zeeshan said “I am indebted to my supervisors, John, Aisling, and Tracie, for their unwavering support and guidance. I am also grateful to our KMi fraternity; you are an incredible asset”.

A huge Congratulations to Zeeshan from the whole KMi Team.


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Zeeshan Jan

PhD Research Student

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Aisling Third

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Tracie Farrell

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John Domingue

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