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AIDA Dashboard team wins Best In-use Paper Award at ISWC 2022

Enrico Motta, Friday 28 October 2022 | Annotate
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Members of KMi’s Scholarly Knowledge Modelling Research Group have been announced as winners of the In-Use Paper Award at the International Semantic Web Conference, which is the premiere scientific venue for the Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs community.

The award was given for the paper entitled Leveraging Knowledge Graph Technologies to Assess Journals and Conferences at Springer Nature,  a 3-way collaboration between KMi, Springer Nature, and the University of Cagliari. It is co-authored by Simone Angioni, Angelo Salatino, Francesco Osborne, Alex Birukou, Diego Reforgiato Recupero, and Enrico Motta, who will share the 1500 USD prize associated with the award. 

The paper describes the AIDA Dashboard, an innovative application which allows users to access analytics about scientific venues, including both journals and conferences, to gain insights about what topics are covered in these venues, the scientific impact of the contributions, industry participation, scientific trends and other types of scholarly data. The Dashboard is currently being deployed within Springer Nature, to support editorial decision making and marketing initiatives within the company.  The AIDA Dashboard builds on AIDA-KG, a large-scale knowledge graph that includes over 1.5B RDF triples and was produced by integrating information from 25M research articles and 8M patents.   

The AIDA Dashboard can be accessed at, while the award-winning paper can be found at

Massive congratulations to all members of the team!


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Simone Angioni

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