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The AI Module Writing Assistant and AI Digital Assistant presented at Bett UK

Nancy Pontika, Thursday 01 February 2024 | Annotate
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On January 26th, John Domingue presented the most recent OU Experiments on Generative AI at Bett UK - the largest EdTech exhibition event in the world. This year Bett UK attracted over 30,000 attendees from the global education community to the ExCel in London to see the latest innovations in the education space. John showcased two of the latest OU technologies on Generative AI, the “AI Module Writing Assistant” and the “AI Digital Assistant”. He also actively engaged in discussions surrounding the integration of AI in education, emphasizing the potential benefits for the whole community. The focus was on how Generative AI based tools could enhance both the educational content creation process and the student experience through personalised learning. 

John also presented KMi’s “SAGE-RAI: Smart Assessment and Guided Education with RAI” project, whose primary objective is to develop and implement an AI Digital Assistant to support professional training at the Open Data Institute, with a focus on a formal evaluation to ensure enhanced student learning and satisfaction. The SAGE-RAI initiative will investigate how Generative AI can be used responsibly and project outputs include a comprehensive business case, along with structural and process models, demonstrating the potential of using GenAI to improve student outcomes without significant resource burdens. 

The presentation was a success with John having to stay an extra 20 minutes to deal with the queue of questions and offers of collaboration. John had 142 attendees in his audience, which is in the top-10 of auditorium attendances. 


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