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ROSTRA v1.0 Launched

Chris Valentine, Wednesday 06 February 2002 | Annotate
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Version 1 of the installer for our news disemination system Rostra was today made available on a single CD for evaluation as a possible full product release. The CD contains not only the Rostra system, written in the common server-side scripting language PHP, but all the necessary servers required to run it on an NT, Windows 2000 or XP-equipped PC. Rostra is a simple server side agent which helps organizations to manage their news. It takes story submissions from journalist staff and publishes these in a variety of news-feed forms - eg. at its simplest as a coherent news website. ROSTRA is still under continuing development, with many more features under consideration. Indeed, for this Version 1 release we have removed many of the agency features that operate in some of our experimental versions. We plan to re-introduce these features in subsequent releases.

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