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IM Planet: "Watch BuddySpace!"

Marc Eisenstadt, Sunday 24 November 2002 | Annotate
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Instant Messaging Planet, the influential industry newsletter of the wireless/messaging worlds, has tipped BuddySpace in the top story featured in the Public IM section of its web news. The feature article, by Jupiter Media's Kevin Reichard, notes that BuddySpace offers "an interesting view of where instant messaging is headed and how it will be," and adds that "the folks at Knowledge Media Institute are asking the right questions about the future of presence, and as such BuddySpace bears watching." The article correctly pegs BuddySpace as belonging firmly in a research niche, even "overly academic", but Reichard is still clearly enthused by the approach, and we take the article as a tribute to something which has only been available for a month, which has amassed many hundreds of downloads from around the globe in that time, and which in the next iteration (December) will address most of Reichard's outstanding issues-- all while proudly pushing the frontiers of the research questions that motivate BuddySpace.

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